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Happy 22nd SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

Faye Tandog
By Faye Tandog on Jul 30, 2021

Do you remember the last time your VPN didn’t work or your internal collaboration tool was not accessible? You don’t? It’s not just a magical stroke of luck; There’s at least one SysAdmin working quietly in the background to ensure that you can work uninterrupted, and today’s the day to show how you appreciate what they have been doing for you. Happy SysAdmin Day!

On every last Friday in July, the global community celebrates our colleagues from the IT team who help us get through our daily business. SysAdmins are always there to help, and with the sudden shift to remote working last year, they ensured that we were well taken care of. SysAdmins juggled supporting their colleagues, adjusting the infrastructure to adapt to the sudden change, and ensuring that everything stayed up and running. To all SysAdmins out there, kudos to you! Every one of us is grateful to have you around. Thanks for always having our backs.

The pandemic brought significant changes to the workplace, and IT teams played a critical role in making that happen. Offices around the world have started opening up for their employees, but management teams are aware that they cannot completely return to their setup that they have always been used to.

This SysAdmin Day, we want to explore what the future holds for SysAdmins’ work. We talked to a SysAdmin from the Checkmk community about their job and their perspective on how their work has changed over the past year. Read more about it here.

We are also conducting a survey this year to gather the community’s thoughts on the future working practices that SysAdmins might have to deal with. When you participate in the survey, you’ll also get a choice to enter our raffle in which you have a chance to win a Raspberry Pi or a Yubikey! Participate in the survey here.

Follow the global celebrations on Twitter with the hashtag #SysAdminDay and don’t forget to say thanks to your SysAdmin today!

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