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The Checkmk Conference #6 is going digital. Join us in making history!

Martin Hirschvogel
By Martin Hirschvogel on Apr 09, 2020

We are all excited about our upcoming 6th Checkmk Conference which is about to take place on 28th-29th April 2020, and we are looking forward to get in touch with our users and community members around the globe. You may have heard that we have decided to make this year's Checkmk Conference a purely online event due to Covid-19.

Hintergrund-1We are planning a big virtual IT monitoring theme party and would like you to join us for this event. It has never been so convenient to be part of such a historic moment for Checkmk, because you can join us from wherever you want without any risk. And you do not even have to prepare a fancy dress – we will deliver that to you as well.

This blog will give you a few insights about what we are going to be doing. But first, you should check whether you have already secured your ticket. In case the answer is no, you can register for the conference online on the conference page. Get your ticket now and do not miss the opportunity to see and experience the new features that you will soon be using.

Play an active part in helping to guide our development priorities

Checkmk is moving faster than ever before, and we have a lot of powerful features and updates in the pipeline. This will be an ideal opportunity to be part of a comprehensive, deep dive into the most relevant news around Checkmk. You will not only see demos of new stuff, but also have the chance to tell our developers what you think about it. This way they can start implementing your feedback right away, and you will also gain better insights for improving your monitoring.


For instance, you can see how to step up your network monitoring game: Alexander Wilms (tribe29) and Simone Mainardi (ntop) will be joining forces to show the new native integration of ntop into Checkmk. If you already have both tools up and running, it will help you to improve the collaboration between their users. If you are just using Checkmk, this will ease your entry to start working with ntop and netflow monitoring.

tribe29 is expanding by finding new partners that share our spirit, but it is growing organically as well. Over the last year quite a few people have joined the tribe and our community. While the entire Checkmk community is getting bigger, we still want to keep our 'family atmosphere'. To do so our community manager Faye Tandog is holding an interactive session: Hear our ideas on how we want to take our engagement with you to the next level and how can you participate in the community and contribute to Checkmk. Faye is just one of many new faces you can meet during the event.

Being friendly is also a topic that tribe29 founder Mathias Kettner is addressingmathias2-2. Under his agenda we have launched an UX project this year. A first step is the current survey about the Checkmk Sidebar, but there is a lot more to this. Mathias is excited to be able to share our current design proposals for improving the Checkmk user experience. He hopes you will make use of the instant feedback mechanisms through interactive voting during his session. That is right, you can sit down, relax and can share your thoughts by just clicking a few buttons – while Mathias and the other speakers do their best to entertain you.

Also, most of you out there have waited for a while, and now it is finally here – tribe29 will be introducing a new REST-API that will replace the Web-API. The new API will be easier to use and will also add new functionalities – especially around the operation of Checkmk. Come and see how that can make your life easier.

prom checkDon’t miss the opportunity to see our attempt to merge the two monitoring worlds of developers and IT admins, too. Wontek Hong from tribe29 will demonstrate the new Prometheus integration. He will show, for example, how to import data from Prometheus into your monitoring. Doing this, Checkmk abstracts the complexity of Prometheus, while still enabling the user to benefit from its flexibility. In practice, that will help to put an end to the silos between operation and development teams.

Talking about teamwork: We are pleased that our external speakers are committed to our online approach as well. This way we can be assured that we do not get ahead of ourselves, but instead focus on the practical topics that most concern our users. Andreas Döhler from our partner Bechtle will speak about the rules of monitoring when using Microsoft Azure. Daniel Röttgermann from Swisscom will speak about Oracle Application Monitoring.

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Prepare yourself: Wait for your swag and put some drinks into your fridge

Now, how is this going to work? After buying your ticket, you will receive a personal access link from us. You do not need to install any software on your computer – all you will need is a working internet connection, a latest version of a common browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IS, and the ability to click on one button to join. That’s all it takes.

And yes, of course, you will get your very own swag pack mailed to you – once you have purchased your ticket. Included in the swag pack will be a conference shirt – just in case you have nothing to wear for the event – after all, what would a theme party be without some fancy dress, right?

Not only the swag will be real, we will also make sure that there will be a lot of fun and knowledge sharing. Besides watching the speakers, you will have a variety of interaction mechanisms to choose from, and will be able to ask questions or interact with other participants at any time. There will be 1-on-1 sessions with team members; ask-me-anything-sessions and discussion forums. Even for the evening and during the breaks, we have planned several actions to make this an unique event. So, prepare yourself for a good time!

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